March 11, 2014, 12:50 p.m.

Today I would like to share with you some of the presentations which I made in last couple of months. Some of them are only available in Polish other in English. I hope everybody will find something for himself.  All presentations was made at Warsaw University of Technology but all of them on different occasions.

First presentation I made in November. This presentation was made on meeting of my academic club KOTIK. I describe on this presentation what is the “Google Summer of Code”. Why students should participate in it and some other interesting stuff about my participation in this project. This presentation is available here.

I made two presentations on my graduate seminary. Both of theme was prepared for people that don't have daly occasion to work with C language and Unix system. One is showing what is clang and why it is so interestings compiler. The second one was a brief start to Capsicum project and my thesis. Both of theme are made in English and available here(clang) and here(capsicum).

The last presentations which I want to share with you was made for first year Polish students. Those presentations I prepare together with Zuzana Krawczyk and Bartosz Chaber. The goal of those presentations was to show student interesting things about C which we don't have time to teach them during classes. For now there are only two of them but we plan to do much more. Those presentations are available on the github.