New hope!

Dec. 2, 2011, 4:08 p.m.

Welcome everybody to my new-old home page. Why new? Because I am changing the language. Now I will try to write only in English. At this point I want to apologize to everybody who speaks a little English, because my English is not perfect so I will make a lot of mistakes. Here I send a lot of thanks to Mr. Unavowed, who corrects a lot of my mistakes. I leave two posts in Polish because I like them a lot and I don't plan to translate them to English. An additional change is that I plan to post at minimum once per week. What will I post? Everything from new things that I learn and interesting things that I know to basics that I want to remember and from some reason I can't. I also want to publish some of my projects. Some with source, others not. Why old? Because the layout stays this same (by xa), in future I have plans to improve it a little. Ok so welcome again everybody and I hope you will like the new version of my old blog.